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Opportunities in Animated GIF

Opportunities in Animated GIF

One of the biggest innovations in the history of the Internet was the ability to integrate photographs and
other illustrations with text on a web page. The main advantages of GIF animation are that it is
incredibly simple to work with and it is automatically recognizable to most Web browsers. Animated
images otherwise known as GIFs — have been around for 25 years, and in 2015, the GIF trend has never
been stronger. Back in the mid to late 90s, at the dawn of the Internet age, GIFs were normally
characterized by tacky little clipart images that moved skittishly, often scattered across sites built on
Geocities or Angelfire.

Today, GIFs are playing an increasingly important role in breaking news on the web, telling stories
through photojournalism and giving us new ways to express our emotions when we can’t do it in person.
There’s no doubt about it that GIFs and social media have indeed become BFFs. The NY Times says that
people in their 20s likely experience some sense of nostalgia for the awkward clipart GIF images many of
us were exposed to in the 90s when we started exploring the Internet for the first time. GIFs offer a
much more convenient, faster and totally silent way to express something. It’s the perfect combination
between images and video that really captures our attention.
How Companies Make Money with GIF

People soon started to realize that there was a demand for Gifs and where there is a demand, there is
money to be made. The biggest company which produced these sorts of Gifs was a website called
“Animation Factory” who’s sole business was to create Gifs of anything you could possibly imagine and
by the late 90’s had produced over 500,000 gifs at the time. At their peak, Animation Factory was
making about 2 million dollars a year by selling Gifs during a time when the Internet was only just
getting started.

By the mid 2000’s, the Internet began using templates for web design and the Gif lost its use as a means
to decorate ones website or blog. However, in the late 2000’s internet bandwidth became faster and
people started using Gifs as a mode of expression which gave rise to websites like Tumblr and Reddit to
share these with the world. Because of this rise in Gif popularity, businesses noticed that there was
money to be made in advertising.

One such company out there capitalizing on the growing popularity and potential advertising
opportunities is a website called Giphy, which basically acts as a Gif search engine and they plan to make
their money by partnering with big brands like Saturday Night Live, to make gifs of that brands content
which people can then share in their day to day conversations.

So what you might send a Gif of Rihanna expressing what you want to tell a friend, CBS sees that as an
opportunity to advertise their network as a means to have much better engagement with their online
content. Big brand companies see this as a huge opportunity and are using this as a solution to finally
being able to advertise in your email and text feeds.

In a traditional advertising world, a typical advertiser would have to spend a lot of money to get their
message through to their consumer and they use all kinds of tactics to try and interrupt your experience
in the chance that you will click or that their message sinks in. Instead of the brand shoving the message
down someone’s throats, people are the ones being the brand ambassadors. They are self-identifying
with the content because they selected it, they’re endorsing it because they sent it to you and you’re
both bonding over it emotionally because you are using it to communicate.

The Future of Animated GIF

The GIF isn’t going anywhere. If anything, people will figure out ways to use them even more. The GIF
trend will most likely call for more social networks to offer GIF support. Twitter, for example, has made
it possible for a variety of content types to be embedded directly in tweets through Twitter Cards, but so
far, Twitter does not yet support the GIF format.
Everyone in today’s world is searching for content, and many are searching for expressive content (hello,
goodbye, good to see you) but they are really searching for that content through whatever is the
popular cultural sensation at that moment in time whether it’s some brand new TV show or a clip of a
popular movie. From an advertiser’s perspective, they should be focusing on doing more of this and for
us as the consumer, we should expect to see it happen in the blink of an eye. Websites and blogs are
now looking at how the GIF can enrich the visitor experience and encourage them to share their
content. Many are taking inspiration from BuzzFeed and sites from the Gawker network, which are
already using GIF imagery to drive more traffic and create more interest. Some say that GIFs are the
future of photojournalism. Others say they’re just dumb animations that teenagers like to make instead
of doing their homework. Whether you like it or not, the animated GIF is here to stay. You don’t exactly
need to be on Tumblr or need to be a dedicated BuzzFeed reader to know it. It seems as if the Internet
has fallen in love with the GIF, and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the future.

Awesome Music Clip with Gifs

Since we are dealing with tons of Gifs on HDgifs.com, we think that you might love this music clip “The Shoes – Drifted”. The movie is mostly made with animated Gifs, and the result is just awsesome!





Animated Gifs on HDGifs.com

GIFs are a basic solution for making moving pictures for training, advertising, or different purposes. One of the interesting of the animated GIF is the simplicity in which they can be made without needing lots of talent or information here. Here are five stages to make the excellent presentation:

Use HD recordings.

To minimize issues with low-quality pictures make sure to utilize HD recordings with a resolution of 720p or 1080p. Utilizing a lower resolution can bring about making a GIF with a great deal of graining in the picture. For those not able to source an HD variant of the video, the best game-plan is to make a little size file to lessen the risk of seeing the low picture quality.

Screen topping.

It is conceivable to make a superb presentation by either loading the files into stack or bringing in video frames to layers. On the off chance that you are utilizing the loading files into stack technique, it helps to avoid extraction of 25 or more frames per second utilizing programming like VLC, MPEG, or KMP. Likewise, for those utilizing the process of bringing in video frames to layers the amazing completion of high quality is best accomplished by forgetting each other frames. Additionally, while making the animated GIF, ensure the rate doesn’t run too moderate or too quick. Utilize an assortment of settings until the velocity is achieved that moves the pictures accurately.


Utilize the best possible measurements during the time spent making the GIF to co-ordinate the necessities of the favored facilitating site to dodge a hazy screen once transferred. Additionally, a further stride that can be taken to minimize these issues is to utilize motion blur. This is an incredible move in making the presentation seem more expert while additionally enhancing the animation where frames have been dropped.


If you need to make superb presentations, you truly need to take a gander at restricting the quantity of colors utilized. Utilizing few hues as a part of a GIF makes it conceivable to record a more extended document that is more involved while as yet having the capacity manage the little and oversee file size. A favored size is most likely under 1 MB.


Once the GIF is ready, it normally makes more sense to wrap up by physically honing the picture to guarantee it shows up as clear as could be allowed. A large portion of the graphic editing tools gives an assortment of instruments to hone the picture. Make a point to choose the right setting to co-ordinating the particular needs to avoid leaving the picture over-honed.

Unleash your creativity and upload your Gifs now!

HDGifs’ team

How to make animated gifs?

Not too long ago, making animated gifs was almost impossible for most people. Animated gifs were also a pain for webmasters and browsers alike. People found gifs to be painstakingly slow to load. Webmasters had crashed features on the websites or on a specific webpage. Those who had no idea about coding or designing could not create animated gifs. Those were the days of slow internet and there were no resources like hdgifs.com or hdgif.com.

Today, there are many ways to make animated gifs. Photoshop, which is one of the most popular software in the world and now also an app, can help you to make gifs. There are dozens of tools that can make animated gifs on your behalf as long as you have the content or source material. Let us quickly check out how you can make animated gifs in no time.

Photoshop to make Animated Gifs

Get onto Photoshop and upload your images. You can import them from your hard disk, flash drive or memory card among others. To do this, go to File – Scripts – Load Files Into Stack. As your browse and choose the images or image files you want to compose your gifs with, Photoshop will have a segregated layer for every image you select. Now, go to Layer – New – Layer.

Name the layers for easy identification. Go to Window – Timeline and choose the periods of time you wish to have for the various different layers. The static images will run for the chosen timelines, one after the other. Now, within the Timeline function, you can create animation within the frames. Go to Create Frame Animation for that.

You must create new layers for new frames. Select all layers, go to the menu on the timeline screen and create new layer for every new frame. Now, go to the menu icon again and select Make Frames From Layers. Choose the time for every frame. You can choose a loop or a onetime replay of the animated gifs you create. You will find this option in the toolbar, at the bottom. You can choose anything from once to forever. Play the gif and preview it. Save the animated gifs to use online or wherever you wish.

Other Tools to make Animated Gifs

There is no dearth of tools to make animated Gifs: MakeAGIF, imgflip, GIFMaker.me, Gickr, Picasion.com, Photoshop CC which is a premium tool and it costs money, GIMP, Giffing Tool, GifCam, GIFBrewery (paid), GIF Movie Gear (paid), Jiffy, GifMill, Giffer (free but there is a paid pro version), Cinemagram, Moquu, GIF Camera and GifBoom (free basic and paid pro version).





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