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How to make animated gifs? - HDgifs

How to make animated gifs?

Not too long ago, making animated gifs was almost impossible for most people. Animated gifs were also a pain for webmasters and browsers alike. People found gifs to be painstakingly slow to load. Webmasters had crashed features on the websites or on a specific webpage. Those who had no idea about coding or designing could not create animated gifs. Those were the days of slow internet and there were no resources like hdgifs.com or hdgif.com.

Today, there are many ways to make animated gifs. Photoshop, which is one of the most popular software in the world and now also an app, can help you to make gifs. There are dozens of tools that can make animated gifs on your behalf as long as you have the content or source material. Let us quickly check out how you can make animated gifs in no time.

Photoshop to make Animated Gifs

Get onto Photoshop and upload your images. You can import them from your hard disk, flash drive or memory card among others. To do this, go to File – Scripts – Load Files Into Stack. As your browse and choose the images or image files you want to compose your gifs with, Photoshop will have a segregated layer for every image you select. Now, go to Layer – New – Layer.

Name the layers for easy identification. Go to Window – Timeline and choose the periods of time you wish to have for the various different layers. The static images will run for the chosen timelines, one after the other. Now, within the Timeline function, you can create animation within the frames. Go to Create Frame Animation for that.

You must create new layers for new frames. Select all layers, go to the menu on the timeline screen and create new layer for every new frame. Now, go to the menu icon again and select Make Frames From Layers. Choose the time for every frame. You can choose a loop or a onetime replay of the animated gifs you create. You will find this option in the toolbar, at the bottom. You can choose anything from once to forever. Play the gif and preview it. Save the animated gifs to use online or wherever you wish.

Other Tools to make Animated Gifs

There is no dearth of tools to make animated Gifs: MakeAGIF, imgflip, GIFMaker.me, Gickr, Picasion.com, Photoshop CC which is a premium tool and it costs money, GIMP, Giffing Tool, GifCam, GIFBrewery (paid), GIF Movie Gear (paid), Jiffy, GifMill, Giffer (free but there is a paid pro version), Cinemagram, Moquu, GIF Camera and GifBoom (free basic and paid pro version).





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